We are one of a few companies in the Austin area and the only one located in North Austin that uses the hook-lift dumpster system. This system has several important advantages:

  • Unlike the roll off system used by the big companies, the hook-lift allows us to place containers in tighter driveways and “tough to get to” spots.
  • Some of the containers we have are smaller than those used by the big roll off companies. This means we can travel on weaker surfaces and get them into tighter spots.
  • With our hook-lift system we are able to gently place containers on the ground instead of a hard drop like the roll off-cable system.
  • Our company is a local family owned business and we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction! Our drivers and employees are friendly and professional. Hook N Haul’s goal is to earn your repeat business.
  • We are fully insured and CDL Licensed

What cannot go inside the dumpster?

(No Concrete materials, Asphalt, Stone, Rock, Gravel, Sod or loads of Dirt).

Hook-N-Haul cannot accept the following:

  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Solvents of any kind
  • Oil
  • Fuels
  • No Fires or Smouldering Materials in Dumpsters
  • Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Asbestos
  • Radioactive
  • Highly Flammable
  • Explosives
  • Bio-Medical
  • Liquid Wastes
  • Freon
  • Toxic or Hazardous Material
  • Fluorescent Light Ballasts
  • Batteries
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Food in Kitchen Bags

Any of the above items discovered at the landfill will incur an additional charge equivalent to fines received.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. Our dumpster rentals have the following weight limits:

  • 10 yard dumpsters have a 2 ton or 4,000 lb weight limit.
  • 12 yard dumpsters have a 3 ton or 6,000 lb weight limit.
  • 20 yard dumpsters have a 4 ton or 8,000 lb weight limit.
  • 30 yard dumpsters have a 4 ton or 8,000 lb weight limit.

The charge for weight beyond limit specified above is: $55/ton.

Note: Loads cannot exceed 6 tons or 12,000 lbs.

How high can I fill the container?

All materials must be inside the hook-lift container, nothing can be higher than the top of container. By law, we are required to tarp each load for transport. We cannot pick up a container that is over-full. You will be responsible for removing excess.

Is the price a total price?

With Hook-N-Haul Dumpsters, you will never have to worry about hidden surcharges or extra fees such as delivery charges, fuel surcharges, tipping fees and environmental fees as with some other companies. Our price plus required sales tax is the total price.

How quickly can I get a dumpster?

Possibly the same day but 
no later than the next day. However, we get busier toward the weekend so please call as far in advance as possible.

How far do you go for delivery?

We are proud to be serving North, North West and North East Austin: Including Jollyville, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, Liberty Hill, Bertram, Jarrell, Lago Vista, Jonestown, Hutto and Taylor. Our base pricing is for delivery within a general 30 mile radius of Leander. Further distances can be serviced with additional cost per mile. Call us for a price on deliveries outside general service area.

How long can I keep the container?

10 yard dumpsters: 5 days
12 yard dumpsters: 7 days
20 yard dumpsters: 10 days
30 yard dumpsters: 14 days
Rental periods can be extended for an additional fee of $10 per day.

Will the container be picked-up automatically?

No. Please fill out Pick Up form when container is ready for pick-up. We will pick the container within 24 hours of receiving the pick up request, not including weekends. Our hours of delivery and pick up operations are from 7:00 am until dark Monday thru Friday and closed for major holidays. Please let us know if there is neighborhood time restrictions for pick up and delivery and we will work within it.

Do I need to be home when container is picked up?

No, it is not necessary to be there for the container pick-up. Please make sure the container is accessible and meets the above weight and restricted material conditions.

Will the dumpster damage my property?

We respect your property and make every effort not to damage it. A barrier is placed between your driveway and our hook-lift dumpsters to help ensure no damage is done. However, we cannot take responsibility for any damage that occurs to the driveway or lawn regardless of weather conditions.

Can I move the container?

No. We will do our best to place your container in a convenient space or wherever you request, but containers cannot be moved. Moving a container can cause damage to underside. If damage occurs, you are responsible for the cost to correct.

Does Hook N Haul offer a complete demolition and disposal service?

Yes! We will be happy to assist with labor or provide complete demolition and disposal service for your project. Just give us a call for a quote.

Is your Disposal Operation environmentally friendly?

Yes. We make every effort to protect the environment with safe and Eco-friendly practices, including appropriate and legal disposal of waste materials based on their nature and re-use potential.

How much does trash weigh?

Below is a chart showing the approximate weight of various kinds of typical waste contents.