Ways to Comply with City of Austin Waste Ordinance

Hualing Waste in the City of Austin

In the year 2010, Austin City permitted the state’s very first Zero Waste Master Plan which challenges local occupants and business owners to minimize waste sent to landfills via dumpster by 90 percent by the year 2040 or sooner.

To accomplish this zero waste objective, the business community should completely get involved to increase this shift. Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO) is the primary policy program to influence the involvement of industrial organizations and haulers.

The city began carrying out the URO in the year 2012. They are necessitating afflicted property owners to ensure tenants and workers have hassle-free accessibility to recycling. Carrying out a multiyear phase-in influencing the biggest properties primarily, the URO will be enforced fully in October 2019.

Take NOTE: Failure to abide by the ordinance can result in penalties that range between $100 and $2,000 a day for every deficiency.


Complying with the Austin Waste Ordinance

The initial phase of the Universal Recycling Ordinance URO, which calls for property owners to add recycling to properties, is scheduled to be finished by October 1, 2017. In the initial phase, property owners have been charged with supplying recycling for plastics #1 and #2, paper, glass cardboard, and aluminum

– put recycling bins within 25 feet of all waste storage units
– display signs both in English and Spanish that highlights recyclable supplies accepted
– instruct new workers and renters about the recycling ordinance within 30 days of hire or move-in and every year after that
– and submit an annual diversion plan.


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The Universal Recycling Ordinance Organics Diversion, which is to be expanded to food-permitted services 5,000 sq. ft. or greater on October 1, 2017, and to all food-permitted services on October 1, 2018, necessitates establishments with food service factors to:
– send a yearly online organics diversion plan; minimize or divert biological and natural materials generated on-site every week
– show informative signage in both English and Spanish, or a supplemental language
– inform workers about the organics diversion system both yearly and within 30 days of hire
– and put outdoor organics collection containers within 25 feet of garbage containers.

To assist establishments to get rolling, the City of Austin is providing a $1,800 discount for establishments that are not yet afflicted by the ordinance but start or develop recycling, composting or donation solutions.

The advantage of renting a Austin Dumpster

We take our trash seriously and are proud to provide dumpster rental as a service to our Austin customers. Staying up today on city ordinances is crucial to our Austin Environment. We like to educate our customers on the types of waste we can haul for them. It only takes a few minutes to understand the limits to what a dumpster can haul to the city landfill. If you have questions about what we can hall in our dumpsters – call us (512) 876-0271

The purpose of the Universal Recycling Ordinance – URO, is for commercial and multifamily properties to carry out successful recycling and landfill diversion plans. Wise, enthusiastic and committed personnel are key in supporting businesses in conquering possible problems linked to delivering easy and distinct accessibility to recycling. The collaboration of committed team, a solid policy program and proactive and strong outreach play a role to the thriving enactment of diversion endeavors in Austin.